The Bee and Me

What do you do when your sister, who is a beekeeper asks you to sell honey on your front porch. As our family had just gone through a very difficult family tragedy, my sister thought this would be a way for us to get our minds on other things. We said “yes”. That was in the spring of 2006.

Sales on our front porch grew and we knew there was a demand for natural local honey. As this demand grew we added other varieties of honey to our product line like blueberry honey and buckwheat honey. And so started our little business The Bee and Me Honey here in rural Southern Ontario in a little town called Dunnville, just south of Hamilton. Our home overlooks green farm land and a pine forest and is minutes away from the beautiful Grand River.



Soon we were asked to sell at one local farmers’ market and then another and then some craft shows. We love selling at markets and meeting loyal customers who enjoy our great products as much as we do. Before long we got requests for beeswax candles. For two years we learned and refined our skill in making the best beeswax candle we could make. And so we started selling beeswax candles along with our variety of honey and natural skin care products. All made completely from scratch by our family.



Farmers’ markets being seasonal in nature, our customers wanted to be able to buy honey and beeswax candles year round. That lead us to our next step, building a small web site to service our customer year round. We were not prepared for the challenges and demands of growing a business out of our home. Spare rooms where quickly transformed into inventory and shipping rooms. Our kids help with labelling jars, sorting orders and serving the customers that still visited our front porch. We still sell at farmers’ markets along with the web site, and we will be opening a shop on our property this Spring.

So stop on by and visit us, we’d be happy to see you.
~Joe and Fern and family