“B” is for Beeswax

“B” is for Beeswax

Walk into our shop on the day we are making our wonderful beeswax candles and you will smell the essence of the beehive.
The sweet perfume emanating from the soft, golden yellow beeswax is memorable.


Beeswax is unique only to honeybees and they use it to store honey and raise their baby bees. The hive is comprised of thousands of hollow hexagonal cells made of beeswax.   Beeswax is produced only by bees in their prime between the young age of just 10 – 18 days old.
Only these young bees secrete white wax called a scale from glands on their abdomen. It takes 10 pounds of honey consumed by honeybees to form 1 pound of beeswax scales. Then by instinct, construction by mouth and feet commences. The beeswax honeycomb is a very intelligent design.  The hexagon shapes fit together in the honeycomb without leaving gaps and so do not waste any space. The Bee and Me Honey Honeycomb

The bees then go to work filling each cavity with sweet honey.  Once full, the bees seal the honey with a thin layer of wax known as the “capping’s”.  In a good year a beehive might yield up to 100 pounds of honey.  Our honeybees need more than 40 pounds of honey for themselves just to stay alive over  the winter.  We retrieve about 5 pounds of beeswax from each hive.  It is only the thin capping’s layer that we  cherish to make clean burning candles. The capping’s are removed from the comb by the beekeeper during the extraction of the honey.  The beekeeper recovers as much honey from the capping’s as possible and then the wax is rendered and ready to make our aromatic beeswax candles.

The beehive if full of natural riches and we stock our shop with everything that comes from it.  Come visit our shop and you too will ask
“What is that wonderful smell”.  If you can’t come by our shop, visit our website where you can order any of our clean burning beeswax candles made from the 100% pure beeswax capping’s.
The Bee and Me Beeswax Candles

Posted by Fern
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