What is Raw Honey

One question we get often from our customers, is "what is the difference between raw honey and regular honey?"  The term raw honey can be confusing, isn't all honey raw?  Apparently not! The taste of our raw honey has a freshness all its own.  Raw honey is never filtered or heated.  Just extracted from the honeycomb, strained out using a wide stainless-steel mesh--never filtered.
What heaven to see luscious golden honey in its unadulterated  form ready to be bottled soon after it is collected from the hive.  Honey in a jar just as the bees made it, looks and tastes wholesome and is the best thing for your health.  Humans have been eating and enjoying raw honey for centuries and reaping the health benefits found naturally in raw honey.

Supermarket honey is ultra pasteurized the same way milk is. Not only does pasteurization remove pollen, it also removes a wealth of nutrients naturally found in raw honey.  In the first stage of this process, honey is heated to around 160 degrees Fahrenheit.  This heat treatment keeps honey liquid in its jar on the shelf.  It is then put through a very fine filter which removes most of the pollen and nutrients like enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants and antibacterials.  So pasteurized honey (supermarket honey) is denuded, transformed into a super-heated, good looking sugar syrup!
So look for the words "raw" or "unpasteurized" on the label to ensure you are getting the real thing.
Raw honey is like eating honey from the comb without the comb.  You use raw honey the same way you use regular honey.  It becomes solid after it has been pours into jars but will dissolve in warm beverages and spread beautifully on warm toast.  Our family likes to put it in smoothies or just have a spoonful.The-Bee-and-Me-Raw-Honey Raw honey is also loaded with natural bee pollen that may help with pollen allergies.  Taking a little bit of raw honey every day, about a tablespoon per day, helps your body to build a resistance to the pollens that are causing your allergies.  We have a lot of customers who have very good results with taking a little bit of honey everyday to help relieve allergy symptoms.  Try giving it to your pets as well to help with their allergies.
Raw honey, unfiltered, unpasteurized, unprocessed, naturally delicious.

At The Market

Well folks, it's time to start farmers' markets again for this year. We will be at our first market bright and early this Friday morning starting at 8 a.m. at the Sherway farmers' market located in the far northeast parking lot at Sherway Gardens Shopping Centre, Hwy 427 & The Queensway, Etobicoke.sherway-farmers-market

We will have all our fabulous honey products plus our beeswax candles. We have added some new candles for this year and I will have them with me. Also we know have Chocolate Honey spread. This is a flavoured honey using real cocoa and our natural honey. We tasted this for the first time last year at the Beekeepers Convention and it is absolutely delicious. We like to us it on toast in the morning or spread on pancakes. If you are a chocolate lover you will just adore this new flavoured honey. Chocolate honey is not available on our website yet, you can only get it at the market. So come out to the market and I will have samples of all our honey varieties for you to try. The market is open till 2 p.m. rain or shine. Enjoy the ambiance of open-air shopping for Ontario grown produce, fresh and full of flavour. You will also find locally raised lamb and venison, sausage, peameal bacon, deli meats, Ontario cheese, preserves, pies, breads and much more.

We hope to see you there.

Busy Bees

As we are well on our way into our honey season, I welcome you to this first post of The Bee and Me blog. How quickly time passes by. Once again spring is here, the weather is getting warmer and everything around us is blooming. Time for the bees to get busy pollinating and collecting nectar.

Here at The Bee and Me I have the pleasure of working with my family. This spring our family will continue to participate in four different farmers' market here in Southern Ontario. We hope to see some of you at Georgetown, Sherway, Oakville Place, and Dundas farmers' markets. All these markets are rich in vendors who are bringing their fresh produce, baked goods, fruit and many other product to you every week. I look forward to highlighting some of these vendors and their fabulous products on upcoming posts. So look for that.

As you read through this blog and anticipate getting more information about the benefits of honey and beeswax candles, here at The Bee and Me, we will be busy bringing you articles to help you understand our products better and the great benefits of all products from the hive.

And brand new for this year, we will be opening a "honey shop" on our property to better serve our customer year round. We have always had customers come to our front porch for sales and we enjoy meeting people from all over Southern Ontario and the USA. We plan a exciting grand opening in late May.
We can't wait to see you here!

Best Wishes for a wonderful spring season!