The Honey Controversy

The Honey Controversy

the Bee and Me Honey

At a show I attended as a vendor this weekend, Fleece and Fiber Fest, I was asked the question “why do we NOT give infants under the age of 12 months honey?”  I get asked this question a lot. It seems that family physicians tell moms not to feed their infants honey but neglect to tell them why.
Health Canada and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA) recommends that raw honey not be given to children under the age of one (12 months)  Raw honey MAY contain botulism spores that are harmless to older children and adults but can cause fatal effects in the immature digestive system of an infant.
However, it is important to remember that people from around the world been giving their babies honey for centuries, safely.  The trouble MAY be the methods used today to raise bees and the pesticides that are sprayed abundantly on flowers, the bees food source.  So play it safe and do not give infants under the age of 12 months honey.

Also this weekend my family and I like to listen to Stuart McLean on CBC Radio on Sunday’s on our way home from church.  For those of you who have never heard of Stuart, he is one of Canada’s most beloved storytellers and a best selling author.  He travels across Canada and the US  with his show The Vinyl Café.  His stories are humorous with a serious side.  This weeks story was about bees.  Have a listen.  The story is called “Rosemary Honey” (May 25th) Enjoy!

And don’t forget to get to you local farmers’ market this weekend.  Asparagus is still available and strawberries are on the way! Support local growers.

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